2 Important Benefits of the New Facebook Timeline Apps for Real Estate Agents

Posted on: March 13th, 2012 by
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I’ve written a great deal about Facebook’s new Timeline over the past couple of weeks because, like it or not, your real estate fan page will become aTimeline effective 3/30/12.  I want you to be ready when the new Timeline is forced upon us, and as I’ve mentioned before there are some good changes and bad changes coming with the Timeline mandate.  Your fan page should be an integral part of your overall marketing plan, and if you are going to market using Facebook, then you may as well market effectively after all.

One of the biggest changes coming with the Timeline, as I have mentioned before, is the location of the new Timeline Apps section of Facebook.  Here’s where the links to the apps section of your old fanpage is located…

The new apps section on your Timeline is located right underneath your cover photo as shown below…

This change gives your apps a position on some prime Facebook real estate.  Because of this a couple of benefits of the new apps section should be noted when building your Facebook fan page.

1. Larger Apps Space – The new Timeline apps give you 810 pixels of width to get your message across to your fans compared to 520 pixels allowed in the current iFrames.  This is additional space you can use to collect emails, show your videos, or show your listings.  Be sure you have a clear purpose for the additional territory and stick to it.  The last thing you need to happen is for the message of that tab to get lost by cramming too many secondary messages into it.

2. Thumbnails – As you can see above, you can now use 111 pixel X 74 pixel thumbnails (photos or images) to draw traffic to your tabs.  There is an amazing opportunity to create a strong call to action for your fans by including text in the graphic.  Add something like “See My Listings” to the icon to let prospects know what great information you have hidden behind that thumbnail.

With these new changes, Facebook is requiring brands/ businesses to engage with their fans more so than in the past.  Use this requirement to your benefit by taking advantage of the two big apps changes above and get a jump on other Realtors in your market.


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