2 New Facebook Tools to Increase Your Engagement

Posted on: April 20th, 2012 by
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We all know that Facebook is constantly changing, modifying, and adding new functions to their platform.  Within the past several months Facebook has added new features/functions to their platform that I believe can help to increase your engagement with others. 

The first, and probably the most controversial, way is to enable public subscribers on your post.  Facebook now allows you to post on your personal profile page and allow public subscribers to see your post.  Enabling this feature is done in the account settings area of your profile.  Some of you are going to say, “Now wait a minute, I don’t want everyone knowing what I have to say on Facebook. Not all of my posts are for people I don’t know to see.”  And to that, I say, “Hold your horses.  Read on.”  Once you have subscribers to your feed, you can determine which group of people sees your particular post by clicking the dropdown box next to the “Post” button.  Select “Public” and post.  That’s it!  You just sent that post to everone subscribed to your news feed whether they are a friend or not. 

The second and probably the best way is to build an interest list.  This is a list that other Facebook users can subscribe to.  These lists are akin to an RSS feed for a particular group of Facebook users.  Use this tool to build a list around topics and draw people to subscribe.  You can also see the updates of only these list members, like a news feed, and interact with them that way.  Use this function by clicking on “Add Interests” under the menu section of your “Home” page (you may have to click “More” to find it).  You can build your list first and Facebook will also suggest people to add based on the topic.  Once you’ve added people to the list you can comment on their walls and posts to create much more engagement.

Try the above two functions and see if your Facebook engagement level increases.  Remember marketing online is about being top of mind with suspects and prospects.  Being engaging will keep you top of mind.

So, are you scared of the posting something for possibly the whole world to see as described in the first tactic?  Leave me your thoughts in the comment section below.


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