2 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Need Personal Websites

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A guest post written by Tammy Adams with Stratus Social Media, LLC.  Stratus Social Media is a social media management firm who has just introduced their 5 Minute Social Media Marketing Program for Real Estate to the market.  This program provides Realtors with their daily content for their blogs, Facebook posts, tweets, and LinkedIn status updates.  This program is a real time saver.  You can learn more about it at Stratus Social Media’s website.  In the meantime, enjoy Tammy’s guest post:

As I speak with Realtors from around the country, I am often amazed at the number of agents who do not have a personal website.  When I speak with them about designing and building a website for them I’m often asked why I think having a personal website is so important.  Well, there are numerous reasons, but there are 2 basic reasons why I believe every Realtor should have a personal website for their real estate business – full time sales help and no competition.

1. Full Time Sales Help – This is the main reason for having a website, period! A website is your full time sales person.  It never takes a day off (hopefully), or a vacation.  It never calls in sick (and if it does, you need to look at a better hosting company), and it always tells your prospects exactly what you want it to say.  When you go to bed, the beach, the mountains, the lake, or just to lunch, it is still selling for you.  It should be constantly gathering buyer and seller leads and delivering those to you for your follow up.  If your website is setup properly, there is no better sales person around.

2. No Competition – Wait a minute!  I’m not saying that you will have no competition on the internet just because you have a personal website.  To the contrary, you’ll have a lot of competition online, but you won’t have any competition on your website itself.  It makes me shiver when an agent tells me he just uses his company’s website.  My question to him then is, “So, let me ask you, how many agents are in your office?”  That question usually sparks an answer in double digits.  When I explain Coke and Pepsi do not share websites (nor do Apple and Dell, nor Ford and Chevrolet, nor…) that is usually when the light bulb goes off.  Getting traffic to a particular website is a tough battle, keeping the visitors on the site by providing great content is another major hurdle, but then you’ve got to compete with 48 of your office mates for the attention of those site visitors?  That is just too much competition.  Now, you would be crazy to have your name and contact information removed from your company site, but you’d be downright bonkers to send any potential prospect to your company site only to have the prospect call an agent who is better looking or who has more listings.  With WordPress and IDX available at little to no cost, there simply is no reason for any Realtor to be without a personal website anymore.

If after you finish reading this post, you have decided you need a personal website, but don’t have the time or knowledge to do it yourself; then please call me at 205-202-1723 or email me at tammy@stratussocialmedia.com.  I’d be honored to help you, and I promise I won’t break the bank to build you a site you can be proud of.

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