2 Reasons Why You Should Add Captions to Your Real Estate Videos

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I’ve spent a lot of time writing about video marketing for real estate over the past two weeks.  The reasons are many, but the main reason I’ve written so much about it is because video marketing done right can really grow your business, and if you are going to take the time to do video then you may as well do it right.  Now that we’ve gotten that settled, let’s move on to the 2 reasons why you should add captions to your real estate videos as soon as possible.

Search Engine Optimization – Yep, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Google loves video, but it has one problem with video.  Google is a text based search engine, and video… well, it is not text based.  Captioning your videos gives the search engines text to read.  Once that text is read and your video is chocked full of your keywords, then your video will get ranked better on the search engines.  That is good!

Increase in Viewers – How well a video ranks on Google is determined in part by how many views you have.  Not just the number of views, but the number of complete beginning to end views.  By not captioning your videos you are excluding a very large part of our population – the hearing impaired.  I’ve read that there are more citizens of the US with a hearing impairment than there are total people living in Canada.  Captioning your videos includes a large sector of the market in your offers.

In one of my blogs last week I wrote about one way of getting your videos captioned.  Tomorrow I’ll give you 2 additional ways of getting your videos captioned very inexpensively.

I look forward to sharing those sources with you then.

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