2 Ways to Use Mobile Marketing to Improve Your Real Estate Business

Posted on: April 15th, 2012 by
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Mobile is taking over our world.  I discussed this in a blog post I wrote Thursday.  Read that post by clicking here.  The Realtors who are embracing mobile marketing are positioned to give consumers what they want when they want it and will reap the rewards because of it.  The Realtors featuring mobile marketing in their listing presentations will get more listings because they can offer more for their clients than those Realtors who are not.  The Realtors using mobile marketing to market their listings are in a position to pick up more buyer prospects than those Realtors who are not using mobile.  Ok, I know you’ve had enough, and you want to know more about exactly how you should be using mobile to market yourself and your properties.  Well, here are 2 ways to use mobile marketing to get more buyer and seller leads.

1.       Quick Response (QR) Codes – QR codes are those funny looking codes you can scan with your mobile phone or tablet to get more information about whatever the designer of the code wants you to see.  QR codes allow for far more storage capacity than a standard UPC code that we are so familiar with.  So, how should you use QR codes to get more buyers and sellers?  Generate QR codes using this website for each of your listings before your listing presentation.  Have the QR code take those scanning the code to the single property website for that prospective listing (or to the property listing on your personal website) and demonstrate how it works to the seller and then get ready to enter that new listing into MLS because not many other Realtors are using QR codes and single property websites to market their listings.  Using QR codes gets buyers calling you about your listings after they view your new listing on their tablet or smart phone.  From there, it’s up to you to put the charm/sales pitch on them to make them your buyer clients. 

2.       Mobile Websites –  Mobile websites are websites that are designed to display perfectly on mobile devices.  Design a mobile website for that prospective listing and feature that mobile site during  your listing presentation and again get your listing agreement out because your competition is most likely not using mobile websites to market their listings.  As you know, anytime you can add additional value to your buyer or seller clients you are strengthening your odds of becoming their Realtor of choice.

If you are looking for some ways to increase your business, then consider adding mobile marketing to your list of services provided to your clients.  If you need some help building a mobile website, then please give me a call at 205-979-4412  or email me at andy {at} gaglianomtg.com.  If you are currently using mobile marketing in your efforts to increase your business, then please leave a comment with some of your success stories.


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