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People go here, when they are going to travel to or do business, to find out a ton of information on just about any city or town of consequence in the US. For example, you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about Vermillion Township, IL - population 325 - density: 14 people per square mile. The information at this great place has been Continue reading the story "Stats"


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Are you a gadget person? Always interested in the newest technology and how you can use it to help you in your career or personal life? Or are you the other side, you like gadgets but don't know which ones are the best or how to find out? There is a website I ran across the other day that one of my computer geek friends uses. Continue reading the story "Gadgets"

Productivity Time

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Your time is so important. Schedules are whizzing around like crazy and sometimes it is hard to steady yourself against the wall of busy work that is gloomy over you. Make sure that you are doing all your can to maximize your time in each setting. When you are at work give it all you have. When you are at home make sure that you Continue reading the story "Productivity Time"

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