3 Reasons Why Realtors Should Use Mobile When Marketing Real Estate

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mobile marketing for real estate

It seems like everyone and their brothers have smartphones and tablets these days.  It could be because they do.  Smart marketers have definitely noticed this trend and have completely embraced mobile in their marketing efforts.  So, what exactly does “Mobile” mean when it comes to marketing?

Well, mobile marketing is the process of marketing on or with a mobile device.  We all know that we live in a society of instant gratification and when consumers are mobile our marketing messages need to be mobile also in order to reach them.  What does this mean to you as a Realtor?  It means you need to incorporate mobile marketing into your current marketing efforts.

This is not just my opinion.  Here’s what the statistics from a recent survey completed by The Real Estate Book show:

1. 98% of all home buyers who use a mobile device in their home search process consider it a “valuable tool” – 46% of those surveyed state the device was “essential” to their search and 52% state the device as “helpful” in their search.

2. 68% stated they contacted a real estate professional to view a home based on their mobile search.

3. 85% of previous non users of mobile search will consider using a mobile device in their next home search.

So, hopefully, now you can see the importance of mobile real estate marketing.  Saturday, I’ll show you two quick easy ways to make sure you’re using mobile marketing so that you and your listings can be found on mobile devices.


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