3 Ways for Realtors to Use LinkedIn to Improve Their Business

Posted on: February 28th, 2012 by
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Today, I want to have a heart to heart with you about our red headed step child.  No, I’m not talking bout Google+, but that was a very good guess.  I’m talking about Linkedin.  Of course, we all know LinkedIn, but we don’t show LinkedIn the same love that we do most of the other social networking platforms.  If used properly, Linkedin can be an incredible tool to grow your real estate business.  Here’s how you can use it to make more money this year.

1. Make Lots O’ Connections – LinkedIn is the only social network I know of where people use the site to do business.  When you get on LinkedIn, you do so with the mindset to do business; whereas, you get on Facebook or Twitter to play games or just shoot the breeze.  This makes doing business on Linked in much easier.  Realtors should use LinkedIn to connect with others in the industry (mortgage, title, homeowner’s insurance, etc) with the prospect of doing future business, look for vendors – database management companies, virtual assistants, etc – that you can outsource services to later.

2. Recruit Other Agents – I know most real estate offices pay their agents a percentage of the total commission or a flat fee for any closings from an agent you recruited to the company. Why not use LinkedIn to recruit other agents to your office and earn some cash off of someone else’s hard work?

3. Grow your Online Reputation – Not many tools can get you more or lose you more business quicker than recommendations.  Online recommendations through LinkedIn are very powerful business building tools.  The easiest way to get recommendations is to actually write a recommendation for someone first.  Trust me, 90% of the time that person you wrote the recommendation for will return the favor and write a recommendation for you.  Ask for a recommendation (or better yet, provide a recommendation) for home inspectors, mortgage partners, closing attorneys, surveyors, past clients, etc, etc.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool that is grossly under utilized in the real estate industry, but there are certain benefits for the agent who uses it well.  If you want a 4th secret way to use LinkedIn to grow your business, then connect with me on LinkedIn here, and I’ll send a private message with top secret way #4.


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