4 Easy Steps to Search Engine Optimize Your Videos

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I’ve written before about how Google is putting a great deal of emphasis on video in its search algorithm.  Because of this, video marketing should be an extremely important part of every Realtor’s marketing plan.  So, once you’ve gotten your video recorded and uploaded, there are a few things you should do to optimize your video for search engines.  Here’s the “what” and the “why”.
1.  Keywords – if you know what keywords you want to use to help your video be found in search then you want to be sure those words are in the video title and description.
2.  Description – Since we are on the subject of description… It is important enough to mention again. Add your keywords to your video description.  But also, don’t forget to add a link to your website at the beginning of your video description or in the first sentence of your description. 
3.  Promote your Video – It is important to embed your video on your website so others can view it there.  This helps your site a great deal with SEO.
4.  Don’t be Shy – Ask and ye shall receive!  You will get much more interaction if you just ask for it.  Remind everyone in the closing of your video (right after your call to action) to “like,” “share,” or forward the video to others and leave comments below.
Follow these 4 tips and you will start to see your videos moving up the search engine ranks.  If you have another tip to add to the above, then please do so below.

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