4 Social Media Tips for Realtors

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Real estate agents often ask me for those helpful hints that they can use to amp up their social media marketing efforts.  Many times we feel like our Facebook posts, Tweets, and Linkedin updates are falling on blind eyes, and we get frustrated because we are not seeing the instant results.  The next thought that comes to our minds is to just quit focusing time and effort on marketing in these avenues.  But truth be told, that is the worst thing we can do.  We have to be ever vigilant in our social media marketing efforts, so to help boost your spirit here are a few social media marketing tips to use.

  1. Go where your customers are – If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times (Man, I heard that a million times growing up), you have to market yourself where your target market is.  Having 10 social media profiles is fine and dandy, but if you are only devoting one half the efforts to those platforms then you need to cut back to the 3 or 5 or 1 where your target market is.  Devote all of your time and energy to only those platforms.  Tip within a tip – delete the other profiles.  It is better to not be on them at all if you will not be actively updating them.
  2. Don’t bore me with real estate – Wow, as a lover of real estate and business, that HURT!  It hurt me to type it, and it likely hurt you to read it.  The general public could care less about real estate unless they are in the market to buy or sell right now.  Don’t be about real estate all the time.  Mix up your posts.  Tell a humorous story about something that your child said or something that happened at the grocery store.  Post a few home improvement tips, gardening tips, etc.  Mix it up, and be yourself.
  3. Be yourself – Perhaps the most overlooked social media tip EVER!  We are always modeling our efforts after some social media “guru” or expert.  It is ok to model your efforts after theirs, but don’t try to BE them.  Just let the real you come out in your posts and updates so that your fans will know you are a real person.  These are social networks, so be your social self.
  4. Don’t miss the Facebook train – Chances are your target market is on Facebook, so use Facebook to create a mailing list.  Use iFrames to create a “like/reveal” page.  After your fans “like” your page use a lead capture form to get email addresses to use for marketing purposes.  Don’t abuse your list, but a monthly or biweekly newsletter is plenty to keep you on your client’s minds.  Need help with iFrames, just ask me.

Try these 4 tips in your social media marketing campaign to boost your feedback, enjoyment, and profit from social media.  Speaking of feedback… if you have an awesome tip that you would like to share with everyone, PLEASE (yes, that was a slight beg on my part) do so below.  I’d love to know what is working for you!  AND, don’t forget to leave a link to your website for some added SEO juice.

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