4 Tips to Improve Your Realtor YouTube Profile

Posted on: February 10th, 2012 by
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YouTube has recently rolled out their new look, have you seen it yet? YouTube is moving in the direction of becoming a more social network, and this new look is proof of that.  Some users don’t like the new look, but personally I do.  The tweaks I’m going to tell you about are the main reasons why I really like the new YouTube.

Tweak #1 – Add Your URL’s in the Description Area.  In the past you had to be a partner to put your URL links to the right of the video, but not anymore.  With the new changes, you can add as many links as you like and your social media links as well.  This is a big move in the social network direction and a little more SEO juice to boot.

Tweak #2 – Ads from Showing Your Videos.  You can keep others’ ads from showing on your featured video player by checking the box that says, “Prevent ads from showing my videos on this page.”  To do this, click on the edit button above the video.  This is the most important because of Tweak #3.

Tweak #3 – Add Overlays to Your Videos.  Overlays are a little known feature that allow you to feature your listing or yourself on a banner at the bottom of your video.  Remember you’ve got to stop the ads first (Tweak #2).

Tweak #4 – Pin Your Subscribers to Prioritize Your Home Page.  By doing this, you can spy on your competitors to see if their strategies and habits are working. You can see when they post, how often they post, and what they are posting.  See what they are doing that is successful and copy them.

Now that you know about these 4 Tweaks, go on YouTube and “pimp” your profile.  After you make the above tweaks, please come back here and share your success stories with us.  I love to hear about other successes.


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