4 Ways to Beef Up your Real Estate Email Marketing Campaign

Posted on: February 16th, 2012 by
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All Realtors know email marketing can help you stay in touch with your past clients and prospects.  I am always amazed at the number of agents who don’t use email marketing at all, and to them I have to ask “Why not?”  If you don’t use email marketing then, at the very least, you are missing the opportunity to VERY inexpensively market to your biggest fans (your past clients) and remind them you are the expert in your field.  Ok… I’m stepping off my soapbox and getting back on track.  I’m also amazed at the number of Realtors who are using email marketing, but are not using it to its fullest potential.  If you are using email marketing then here are some tips to help you beef up your campaign. 

1. Split Tests – Split test your broadcast messages and your opt-in forms.  As you know your opt-in forms are the source for new prospects.  Testing those forms will help to save you money on advertising costs or will help increase the number of leads you get from your website.  Split testing your messages allows you to spot trends that will help you to increase your opens (and sales).

2. Make Targeted Lists – Don’t send out blanket messages to all of your subscribers thinking all of them are interested in the same message.  Break your subcribers down into groups, such as 1st time homebuyer propects, past clients, move down prospects, etc.  Tailor your messages specifically for each of those groups.

3. Plant Your Garden – Don’t try to sell a listing in every email you send.  Instead educate your readers with market trend charts, a guest article from your mortgage partner, etc.  If you plant the seeds of knowledge in your prospects’ minds you will reap the rewards of more sales in the future.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Break Up – If someone has been months without opening a single message you have sent… Dump him!  Every available space for an email address in your email management program is costing you money and is precious real estate.  Fill that deadbeat’s spot with someone who cares about your message.

Try these 4 things to see if you get more sales and leads from your email marketing campaign.  If you have any other ideas that are working well for you then please leave those below so we can all share in your successes.


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