4 Ways to Fall in Love With Twitter

Posted on: February 12th, 2012 by
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Twitter is perhaps the most misunderstood social media marketing platform on the internet. One of the reasons I keep writing about Twitter is that most Realtors are still wondering why they should use it and how they can get business from it. Well, the truth is you don’t have to use it. If you are not targeting 1st time homebuyers, or Charlie Sheen, then there really is no reason to use it (right now). Twitter’s demographics tell me that most of their users fall into the 1st timers and 2nd timers categories. If that is your target market (and 1st timers are a great target market right now), then today’s post is for you.

I keep hearing rumors that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. In the spirit of the holiday created by Hallmark (of course, I’m kidding!) here are 4 ways to fall in love with Twitter:

1. Follow carefully – If you can’t stand someone you are folowing, then unfollow them (as long as it is not me). If you don’t like the people you are interacting with, then you won’t use Twitter. So dump them!

2. Don’t be all business – Tweet something funny your child said, tweet about a great meal you had at a new restaurant. Ask for a movie recommendation. In other words, show your followers you are human.

3. Follow agents in other cities – It is cool to spy on competitors, but it is cooler to follow some real estate marketing geniuses in other cities. Pay attention to what they tweet, when they tweet, etc. Copy their patterns, but not their material.

4. Stick with it – Don’t quit Twitter after a month or two because you don’t have thousands of followers, retweets, and DM’s. Chances are you didn’t develop all of the friendships you have today overnight, but you did it over time. Online relationships take more time to develop than face to face relationships, so don’t give up!
Twitter’s open ended platform can present many challenges for beginners because it is so misunderstood, but if you follow these tips above you’ll get more enjoyment (and leads) from it.

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