4 Ways to Use Pinterest To Sell More Real Estate

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Pinterest is perhaps the hottest new social media platform to hit the internet in the past 24 months.  In case you haven’t seen it or been exposed to it yet, Pinterest is an image sharing social site, where users can pin images, videos, or even websites on their “boards” for their followers and the world to see.  Reportedly, 70% of Pinterest users are females under the age of 45.  I believe this is a very important demographic for Realtors to target as many are decision makers (if not then they are definitely influencers) within their household.  I have heard many Realtors ask the question, ” How can I use Pinterest to sell more real estate?”  Well, I have a few ideas that I’d like to share with you today.

1. Ask your buyers to go online and pin their dream home inside and out.  This would be a great way to set expectations before you actually go out and look at homes.  If your clients are looking for that nice new kitchen and there is no such thing in their price range then it may be a good idea to let them know upfront by pinning some actual kitchen pictures of listings in their price range.

2. Feature your customers by pinning them.  No, not WWE style!  People love to see themselves, and buyers love to see themselves in front (or inside) of their new house.  If you create a board on Pinterest for them they will share it with their friends and family as well.  Each time they share it, they are passing your name and face around to others and sharing your brand.

3. Have your sellers present their own listings on Pinterest.  Perhaps they can show their before and after photos of their master bath renovation that was completed a couple of years ago.  Allowing sellers to do this makes them feel they are adding some value, after all no one knows the house better than they do.  A word of caution, though… Ask them if they want to prepare this board.  Do not tell them to do it.  You never want this to come up in a discussion later about how they “did your job for you” by taking 30 minutes to make a board in Pinterest for their home.

4. Of course, the obvious idea is to just post your listings with links to each property’s individual listing website.  You could let each property have its own board or you can put every listing on one board by featuring the exterior of the properties.  Idea within an idea – why not give each property its own board and use that board to feature pictures of local eateries, nearby theaters, yogurt shops, parks, and other entertaining things to do along with the distance from each location you post.  This would be extremely powerful for out of towners or that chic downtown loft or condo.

I know what you are thinking… “Come on!  Another social network to learn and use?”  Well, these media are here to stay.  I believe that the agents who do not learn them and use them will begin to lose business to those agents who do.  If you want to learn more about these platforms or if you just need some help managing it all, then feel free to call or email me.  I am happy to help you anytime.

If you are using Pinterest already, please leave a comment and let me know how you like it.  If you are not, then please share why you aren’t using it yet.  I look forward to reading your comments.

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