5 Characteristics of a Great Real Estate Facebook Fan Page

Posted on: February 25th, 2012 by
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We all know what a great real estate Facebook fan page looks like when we see one, but we often don’t stop to think about what separates a good Facebook fan page from a great Facebook fan page.  Good fan pages are very well designed and aesthetically appealing, and great fan pages are that with that little extra something something.  If you really want to make your fan page stand out from the crowd, then implement these 5 characteristics into your fan page design. 

1. Purpose – Each tab within your page should have a singular, very clear purpose.  Your “Listings” tab should feature your listings.  Your “Welcome” tab should introduce you to your fans. I know this sounds elementary; however, it is so important that it must be mentioned.

2. Perspective – Your fan page should visually make a statement with awesome graphics, video (if you have a good meaningful video), or even a Twitter stream.  Be sure these elements add to the value of the page instead of detracting from the message of the page.

3. Freshness – Just like bread, your Facebook fan page tabs can get stale.  You must update your “Listings” tab, and your other tabs as well.  When you sell a listing, be sure to mark it as sold or delete it completely from that tab.  When you get a new listing, make sure it is included in your “Listings” tab.  Don’t let your fan page become a ghost town.

4. Branding – I’m not just talking about using your company colors, but also font, logos, images, etc. All of those things should be consistent on your fan page tabs just like it is in all of your other marketing efforts.

5. Offers – A great fan page tab captures a fan’s attention and tells fans of exciting information waiting inside for them.  “Like/Reveal” tabs allow page administrators to restrict content to only those who have “liked” a page.  So, you have to “like” the page to get the goods.

Keep these 5 characteristics in mind when creating tabs for your Facebook fan page.  Having a great fan page on Facebook can be just what you need to increase the number of “likes” you have and therefore increase the amount of interaction you have online with prospective home buyers, home sellers, and referral partners.


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