5 Twetiquette Tips for Real Estate

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I’ve been accused of only liking Twitter for one reason… so I can put the letters “Tw” in front of any words I use when discussing the social media outlet.  Of course, that is not the ONLY reason.  The real reason I like Twitter so much is because it is a very quick way of getting a “to the point” message out to hundreds or thousands of followers.  Oh yeah, and because there is at least one really cool way to grab leads from Twitter very quickly.  Many of the Realtors I speak with are either just learning Twitter or have decided to ignore Twitter altogether because of the misconception of the average Twitter user.

Today, I’m giving you 5 etiquette tips to help you get more enjoyment and buyers and sellers from using Twitter.

1. Do Talk Back – No, not the way a teenager does to his parents, but be sure you interact with those who correspond with you.  If someone retweets you, then thank them for the retweet or even retweet them.  Respond, retweet, or direct message soon after that person contacts you.

2. Spread the Word – If you are going to be tweeting a lot because of an office open house or holiday party, then let your followers know ahead of time.  You are far less likely to lose followers by informing them of an upcoming busy day of tweets.

3. Keep Your Personal Business Personal – Just like all social media platforms Twitter is all about developing relationships with your followers; however, you should refrain from sharing your personal affairs all over Twitterland.  You can share some info but don’t make any more than 10% of your tweets personal in nature.

4. Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry – If you have an unsatisfied buyer or seller tweeting about you or your company, then get that conversation on the private side of Twitter by using DM’s or just taking that conversation offline (highly recommended).  No matter what you do, do not ignore the unsatisfied client.

5. Refrain from Over Tweeting – Do NOT tweet too much.  In a recent tech coaching session with a Realtor, my student asked me to help her log in to her Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to unfollow and disconnect with a few people who tweet or update their status on those networks too much.  So, how much is too much?  This is impossible to know for sure without asking your followers what they would like to see from you.  But, as a general rule of thumb, try to tweet no more than 3 times per day.

Whether your an experienced Twitter user or a Twewbie (Twitter Newbie), keep these 5 tips in mind when using the platform.  You’ll find that you and your followers enjoy using Twitter much more because of it.

If you have any Twitter gripes or tips, please feel free to leave those in the comments section below.  We can all benefit from reading them.

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  1. alanc230 had this to say about that:

    So, to sum it up, the key is to be as professional in using Twitter as you would in any other form of business communication. Don’t mix work and family, at least not in this context.

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