5 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads Using Twitter

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Twitter for Real EstateYou can’t deny it any longer… Twitter is happening! If your target market is first time home buyers then you probably need to start learning this platform from top to bottom and using it to capture leads (about 15% of the 18-49 age group use Twitter).  Twitter is very unique with a language all of its own – (#)hashtag, (@) at sign, (RT) retweets, and most of us haven’t taken the time to learn it and don’t know how to use it for our real estate business.  Spend some time learning it if you don’t already know it.  Once you learn it well enough, then here are 5 ways to generate real estate leads using Twitter.

1. Start by Creating a Community of Followers.  When someone follows you on Twitter, they are telling you that they are interested in hearing what you have to say.  Focus on giving your followers what they want to hear.  They followed you knowing you’re in real estate, so give them real estate news, advice, tips, etc. that you know they will enjoy.  Don’t be afraid to mix some personal tweets in with your business tweets.  A good mix is about one personal tweet out of every ten tweets.

2.  Strike up a Conversation and Retweet Your Followers.  If someone has retweeted an article that you posted or wrote, then send them a direct message to thank them and ask them what they liked about the article.  By doing this you can determine what your audience is really interested in.  Get to know your followers.  Retweet their tweets.  Trust me, they will start to pay attention and you will see the Twitter snowball start rolling downhill.

3.  Make Yourself Retweetable.  Try to keep your tweets to fewer than the allowed 140 characters so that there will be more of a chance.  A retweet starts like this “RT@username”, (for example RT@mortgagehuntr), so if your Twitter handle is 14 characters long then you want to make your tweets no longer than 124 characters to allow for the “RT”, the space and your username.  Making your tweets easy to share will help to further your messages.

4.  Find Tweets in Your Area.  Since most Realtors are selling homes in their local areas, you will want to find tweets from your area.  The very powerful tool that allows you to do this can be found by using twitter.com/search.  Go there and type in “near:city” and then your keyword or keyword phrase.  So if you work in Dallas, then your Twitter search would look something like this, “near: Dallas real estate.”

5.  Get Your Prospects off of Twitter.  Just like all social media platforms, you have to get your followers off Twitter and onto your website, or better yet, get their name, phone number,  and email address.  This can be done by using direct messages. Connect to them offline and you will find you can build trust much quicker and easier than you ever could online.

I hope you enjoyed my post and learned something new that will be useful to you.  I promised you five ways to general real estate leads using Twitter, but I don’t feel like I’ve done enough today.  So, I want to give you one more tip.  Follow me on Twitter (@mortgagehuntr) and tweet or send me a direct message.  I will respond back with tip #6, which is a great one.  If you’ve got your own Twitter lead generation tip that you think we can all benefit from, then please leave it below in the comments section along with a link back to your website or blog for a little extra SEO juice.  Hey, what can I say?  I love to help you help you!

12 Responses to 5 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads Using Twitter

  1. Grant Hammond had this to say about that:

    While I understand the premise, there is just so much white noise on Twitter. I really don’t even trust half the stuff that is posted anymore.

    • AndyGagliano had this to say about that:

      True, Grant. However, there are agents out there who have mastered Twitter and are generating some quality leads. Personally, I do believe my tweets seem to get lost in the shuffle when I only Tweet 5 times per week; however, there is always a chance my tweet will be seen by the right person.
      Thanks for stopping by my site. Please come back often.

      • Rena Hunley had this to say about that:

        Follow me on Twitter (@stratusmgmt) and tweet or send me a direct message. I will respond back with tip #6, which is a great one.
        I did this & didn’t find you. Can you come to mine? I’m new to twitter & trying to learn all I can. @renhre

        • AndyGagliano had this to say about that:

          Rena, hope you got my tweet. Please follow me back on Twitter. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to seeing you here again soon!

  2. Carri Schoeller had this to say about that:

    Thanks for the tips. For us slightly over that 49yr age bracket that uses Twitter only because we were told we have to gives good ways to connect with a younger audience.

    • AndyGagliano had this to say about that:

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, Twitter is a great way to get your name and website in front of first time home buyers.

  3. Rod Walker had this to say about that:

    Thanks, Andy. Good tips. Social media either has to be embraced and learned, or lose that fantastic avenue. Im on Twitter, just haven’t discovered its full potential yet. This helps. I’m at http://www.pghomesforsale.com.

    • AndyGagliano had this to say about that:

      Thank you for the compliment and for reading my post. I agree with you 100% on social media. It can be a black hole that we get lost in if it is not used properly. I have a dear friend who has started a social media management company specifically for Realtors. She is really sharp with this stuff. You can find her at Twitter for Real Estate. You may want to hit her up and see if she can help you not only make sense of the new medium, but actually start making some money from it.

  4. Kelly Pearson had this to say about that:

    Thanks for the great tips! @keljeantexas

    • AndyGagliano had this to say about that:

      Hey Kelly,
      Thank you for reading my post and commenting. I’ll be looking you up on Twitter today. Please come back and visit my blog more often.

  5. Lynn d' Lindsey had this to say about that:

    Good imput. I mainly work with Short Sales but I still try to tweet and fb as much as possible. Thanks for the “RT” tip. Did not know that.

    • AndyGagliano had this to say about that:

      Hey Lynn,
      Thank you for commenting. Just a thought, but you may want to start following other Realtors in your area to tweet your short sale listings to as well as the younger first timers.
      Lots of luck to you, and please come back often!

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