6 Twitter Tips for Real Estate

Posted on: February 29th, 2012 by
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There are so many aspects of Twitter that most Realtors don’t understand.  Heck, I definitely understand not understanding.  In principle, Twitter is the simplest social network out there.  Just type in 140 characters or less into the tweet box and hit “Enter.”  I don’t know how anything can be more simple.  Now, actually getting someone to read that tweet, click on that link, retweet your tweet, reply or comment back, or favorite that tweet is a different story.  This is where  Twitter “loses” most of us – it is Twitter lost me for a while.  So, today I want to share with you a few Twitter tips I’ve learned to help you master Twitter.

1.       Use Queued.at – This puppy allows you to enter your tweets and have them go out at the most likely best times.  Pretty cool stuff!
2.       Use Tweriod – This app will analyze the last 200 tweets of each of your last 5,000 followers to give you a graph of when your followers are on Twitter the most.  This helps you to know when to tweet.
3.       If someone popular on Twitter retweets you, then make a note of the time and day this happened.  Be sure to tweet other things that person may like around the same time for a couple of weeks to see if she will retweet you again.
4.       The time of day you are most active on Twitter may be a great time to tweet your best topics.  You are not the only one who does things the way and times you do.  Try it and see for yourself.
5.       If you are about to attend an event and you want to tweet about it, then do it right before, during, or immediately after the event.  This will spark more interaction with your followers than doing so a day before or after the event.
6.       Join the Phenomenon – There is something on Twitter called the #FollowFriday Phenomenon.  #FollowFriday is the movement by many Twitter users of adding followers on that particular day of the week.

Try a few, or all, of these tips to soup up your presence on Twitter.  If you have a cool Twitter tip, please leave a comment with it below.


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