A Cocktail Party? At My House? Every Night???

Posted on: October 26th, 2011 by
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Is your business a little slow right now?  Are you looking for another listing, buyer prospect, or referral?  Well, then I have an idea you can’t afford NOT to try.

Remember the good old days of real estate when you could pick up a buyer prospect or two at your spouses Christmas party or company picnic?  Well, why don’t you host a cocktail party at your house every night of the week?  I know what you are thinking right now.  You are thinking, “This dude has done lost his mind!  A cocktail party every single night?  At my house??  It is just not feasible!”

Not so fast, my friend!  With technology these days you CAN host a cocktail party every single night and you can do it from the comfort of your easy chair while you are sitting in front of the TV.  Here’s how.

Sign into Facebook.  Make sure you are logged into Facebook’s chat feature on their site (it is on the bottom right hand side of their webpage, or you can just type “How do I log onto Facebook chat” into Google).  Once you are logged in, you will see a list of your friends who are also logged into Facebook chat.  Click on the name of a Facebook friend whom you haven’t spoken with in a while and type in these words in the chat box.  “Hey X, I haven’t see or talked with you in a while.  How are you doing?”  That’s it!  You have just initiated a conversation with someone from the comfort of your own home the same way you would have if you bumped into that person at a party.  Use your conversational skills to carry the chat to how their family is doing to how is work and, trust me, they will reciprocate from there.  Once they ask about your work use this opportunity to mention to them that real estate is not dead.  That now is a fabulous time to buy a house.  That interest rates are at all time lows, and sellers are willing to negotiate.  The person you are speaking with may not be in the market currently, but they may know someone who is or they may be in the market sometime within the next few months and remember the chat they had with you about real estate.

One of the beautiful points about this prospect getting strategy is that you can carry on multiple conversations at one time.  Just be careful not to leave a conversation hanging in limbo for more than a few seconds because you will come across as being rude or insincere, which is the last thing you want to do.  Try carrying on multiple conversations at the same time at a live cocktail party, and you won’t make very many friends and none will do business with you.  The second reason I love this idea is that it is FREE!  The third reason I love this idea is that it works!  This strategy generates leads and activity like nothing I’ve ever done.  Yes, a good deal of the activity will be busy work, but you never know when something will develop from that busy work.  Don’t believe this creates activity, then try it!  After you try it for a few nights, come back to this blog post and leave a comment telling me how unbelievably smart and devilishly handsome I am.  Hurry, because I’m waiting on you to comment about how devilishly handsome I am…

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