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I have a great marketing tool/closing gift idea for you to steal from me and implement yourself starting today.

As a Realtor, you spend an average of 64,993 hours showing buyers homes before they buy one. Ok, I completely made that number up. I’m just checking to make sure you are paying attention, but doesn’t it seem like it takes that long sometimes? My point is, that after you spend as much time as you do in your car with your buyers that you know a great deal about them. You typically know how many children or grandchildren they have, where they work, where they go to church, how old they are, what kind of pets they have, what their hobbies are, etc, etc. I would venture to say that you know more about your buyers than their bosses or even some of their friends know about them. This is one reason why my marketing tip for today is such a good idea.

Since you know so much about them, why don’t you use that information to your advantage by using it to market to them? Here’s what I’m talking about. Buy them a magazine subscription from a magazine about a subject they are interested in or a hobby they have, and have it shipped to their new home with both of your names as the subscriber. For a measly $10, every time that magazine shows up in your clients’ mailbox for the next 12 months they will think of you, which is the second reason I like this tip so much.

The third reason I like this idea is because when your clients read the magazine that you’ve subscribed them to they will be reminded of how much of an interest you took in them while they were shopping for a home. They’ll remember that you not only listened to their needs in a home, but you listened and remembered the “small” points of your many conversations that you had while driving around town looking at houses.

So, try this idea before your next closing. Go to www.cheapmagazines.com, search for magazine titles that will be of interest to your clients, and buy one. Don’t forget to put both of your names as the subscribers so they will know when the first issue shows up that it was a gift from you.

Let me know how you like today’s idea. I always appreciate your feedback. Happy Selling!

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