A New Year’s Plan

Posted on: January 31st, 2011 by
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The lull in real estate activity that comes every winter makes this the ideal time of year to assess your career and determine what changes you might make to introduce new efficiency measures and improve your service to buyers and sellers. Whatever your budget, there’s a range of solutions to help you become more organized so you can focus on your real priorities of cultivating relationships and moving property.

As you explore your options for managing your files and information resources, you’ll find a decided shift to the Web and working in the ‘cloud.’ There’s efficiency to be gained from adopting electronic forms and contracts and digital signatures: less paper to handle and secure storage of documents where they’re readily accessible to all.

The same convenience is now delivered in an expanding catalog of Web-based solutions. If you’ve ever fumbled with a flash drive, swapped files between mobile or desktop PCs, or wished you could retrieve a document on your computer from your smartphone, consider storing or backing up your files online. Several affordable services now allow you to do just that. Others provide the means to compile property or client information pulled from varied data resources into one location that’s always available through any Web browser.

These are just a few some small steps you can take to run a more organized and efficient business. Sometimes you need to step outside your comfort zone to figure out where you are in your career and how to achieve your goals as a real estate professional.

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