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Posted on: March 21st, 2012 by
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As I mentioned yesterday, I love to share cool apps, software programs, and websites that make my life easier – especially when they are free.  Well, I found another one today that I also must share with you.  I’ve just downloaded it, and I’ve been playing with it some.  So far, so cool!

The app is called eSign, and it is by LandTech.  This app upgrade allows users to take a photo (scan) of existing documents to automatically create a PDF to sign.  As if that wasn’t cool enough, when you view a PDF within your Safari browser or any application that is displaying a PDF, you have the option to send the document to eSign for signatures.  The app has a built-in emailer so you can email your signed documents anywhere and anytime.  With this app you can eliminate the fax, print, and scan processes like you have to do when getting signatures on paper.

I can see so many uses for this application for Realtors.  Now you can write a contract, snap photos of each page of the contract, and email the attachment to the listing agent right there on the spot.  How cool will you look to your clients when you do that?  Here’s another application for eSign… After taking your next listing, you can snap photos of the listing agreement, email copies to your new client and to your office for your assistant or secretary to enter the listing in MLS for you so the property is on the market without delay.

I’m telling you this app is just too cool!  If you are excited about this useful new app, then go to the Apple App Store to download your free copy of it today.  Come back here after using it and tell me your thoughts.

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