Attracting Google+ Followers for Your Real Estate Site

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So, I know you’ve read about Google+ Pages already because I wrote about the feature on my blog a few weeks ago, and you always read my blog posts, don’t you?  Well, I also know that you went right to Google+ and created your business page because you are an implementer, aren’t you?

Ok, so now that you’ve got your Google+ Page created, you need followers.  Here are 7 ways to get new followers for your new business page on Google+.

1. Stuff Your Page with Content – Think about your reaction when you excitedly arrive at the grand opening of a Whole Foods in your area, and the shelves are bare when you rush into the store.  Having a Google+ business page with no content is basically the same thing, so you need to load your page with content and posts.

2. Promote Your Page on Other Platforms – What better way is there to beef up your followers than to steal them from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts.  They know you already.  They like you already.  And they will follow you on Google+ if you tell them you are there.

3. Install Direct Connect Code on Your Website – Direct Connect allows businesses to become eligible for various search capabilities, including the ability to have a Google+ post shown in organic search results.

4. Add the Google+ Button to Your Website – Installing these buttons to your website will help convert website visitors into Google+ followers.

5. Share Your Content – Pay attention to the types of content that your followers are responding to and add more of that content via blog posts, links to your webinars, etc.

6. Post Photos – Photos of your smiling buyers or sellers, photos of your newest listing, etc are very powerful ways to share with your followers.  Photos obviously appeal to the senses.  Get your followers attracted to your page, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

7. Hangout for a While – Use Google+ Hangouts to live chat with up to 10 followers.  Why not offer an online home buyer seminar or home seller forum where you present info and also host a Q&A session afterwards?

Use some of these tactics to grow your loyal following on Google+ and watch your search engine visibility grow along with it.

If you have a killer tactic to add to my list, please do so below.  I know I can always use more fresh new ideas as well, so your input is appreciated.  Oh yeah, since you are here, click here to become a follower of Stratus’ company page on Google+.

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