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Blogging is getting to be more important all the time in this world of increasing social networking. There are many ways to go about blogging because everyone does things there own way, but there are ways that have been proved to help boost your traffic and following:

1. Produce inspiring, educational and awesome content that is so compelling that people want to share it, this is the foundation of your marketing. All media is about good content and social media is no different.

2. Write regularly and consistently, people will then come and visit regularly and keep coming back because they know it will be new and topical (that is why magazines have regular publishing time frames).

3. Learn to write a headlines that make people want to read the rest of your article

4. Use “list” posts (ie: Top 10 reasons to buy now) regularly. They may be a bit passe for some, but they work and tend to get passed around online

5. Include a Facebook “like box” near the top right side of the blog so people can “like” your Facebook page even while they are on your blog

6. Place a LinkedIn share button and a Retweet button on your blog

7. Comment regularly on other bloggers in your niche

8. Make it easy for people to subscribe via email

9. Offer to guest post on a another influential bloggers blogs and provide a link back to your blog as part of the agreement

10. Provide a subscription button via RSS so people can have your posts pushed to them in their “Google Reader” account after they are published

Pay close attention to these tips! They are really the bread and butter to any successful blogger.

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