Building Trust Through Branding in Real Estate

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A few months ago, I read a question posted on LinkedIn that asked, “How can one build trust through branding in a real estate business?”  I found the question and answers to be very interesting, so I printed the Q&A and put it in my folder of articles to refer back to later.  I stumbled across the Q&A again today, and I stopped to re-read the article because the question is quite intriguing to me.  “How can one build trust through branding in a real estate business?”  There were 7 answers to the question and 1 spam post (gotta love those spammers).  The answers ranged from extremely well thought out to just downright idiotic (of course, that is my opinion).  Here are some of the answers that stood out to me:

Judy H. wrote, “I have read case studies in branding where the Realtor themselves was the brand and because they specialised in a niche – eg families or pets, and advertised heavily, became the trusted go-to person…”

Alexander J. wrote, “… Trust is built through the interpersonal relationships established between agents and clients.  Good experiences are what get passed along to future clients and result in referrals…”

Tracey B. wrote, “…The brand is the total experience customers have when engaging with that product or service.  In order for a real estate business to build trust through their brand they need to deliver on whatever their promise is…”

Mugdha K wrote, ” You can’t build trust through branding in any business.  Trust lies in the actions of the brand, the way they do business…”

I have my own thoughts about the answers to the question above; but, since none of the answers were from Realtors, I am more interested in learning your thoughts or opinions.  Can one build trust through branding in real estate?  If so, how?  Please leave me a brief comment below with your insight.  I am looking forward to reading your responses.


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