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Last week I wrote about SEO and several ways you can boost your ranking on the search engines.  Well, SEO is a large part of using the internet to generate Realtor’s buyer and seller leads, but getting that traffic to your site is just a part of the equation.  Keeping those leads on your site is the other critical part of digital marketing.

Google Analytics is an easy way to help you do this.  Google Analytics allows you access to general statistics in detailed, comprehensive reports.  Google Analystics details basic specs such as the number of visitors your site is getting.

Here are some tips on how Google Analytics can be used to grow your business.
1. Learn what is drawing visitors to your site.  Your Google Analytics Keywords report will list a collection of words and phrases that are the main drivers to your site.  The stats for each of those terms can be very useful in developing a marketing strategy.  Cross reference those search terms with the feature that shows the number of new visitors logging on versus the number of returning ones. If you know what is drawing visitors to your site you can work backwards to find opportunities to draw more visitors such as advertising on sites that focus on related topics. If your goal is to captivate visitors and keep them on your site visiting pages then the Google Analytics Keyword report is a valuable tool to use.
2. Discover what isn’t keeping people interested. The only thing that is more important than what draws people to your site is what is driving them away. You don’t want to funnel visitors to features of your site that aren’t captivating their interest and driving them to stay on your site and explore. Google Analytics can help you avoid the mistake by showing you the top exit pages of your site, the frequency at which web visitors leave to navigate elsewhere for each individual web page. Based on this, you can decide whether those parts of your site should be trashed or just reworked.
3. See how much people are looking around on your site. Use the Depth of Visitation Function to know how many pages people are viewing each time they visit your site. This too shows the percentage of visitors who view one, two, three, or a hundred pages.  If visitors aren’t looking at more than one or two pages, then it may be time to reorganize or redesign your site.
4. Determine how many visitors aren’t interested at all.  It doesn’t matter how many visitors you have to your site if those visitors are not staying and exploring. Google Analytics Bounce Rate shows you the proportion of visitors who leave your site without clicking through to other pages.  A high bounce rate indicates your site isn’t making a strong impression. Take a look at the Bounce Rate for the first time visitors, as this deals with the visitors who are completely unfamiliar with your website and offers a true, pure measure of your site’s content.
5. Set Alerts. Google Analytic Alerts provides you with instant updates to let you know when you’ve achieved certain goals.  Use it to let you know when you reach that magic milestone of the number of visitors or if your number of visitors drops by half.
6.  See how many visitors are viewing your site from their phones or tablets. This important stat can tell you whether or not you need a mobile site.

Using the above tools can help you determine the overall general health of your website as well as providing important marketing information.  Check out Google Analytics by clicking here and then leave us a comment telling us what you think.

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