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When you travel today even if it is just overnight, you have some type of charger that you must bring along to insure that your favorite electronic device keeps enough juice to operate. Usually the longer the trip the more cords you will have to pack. You will need one for each different cell phone, laptop, video game, and mp3 player. Or you use to.

Now that technology is improving this may not be the case. There are now solar chargers and wireless chargers that are on the market. These chargers will power your small electronic devices such as your cell phones and mp3 players. The technology is still improving in these area and will continue to become more available throughout the years. Right now, most phone types are able to be charged using this method but some need a special battery cover or case to make certain that they charge.

Soon enough we will be able to completely cut the cord to the plug anyway and let our devices run on solar power or cut the phone cord and let induction do the work. Either way it is an increasing technology that everyone should look into to lighten there load!

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