Cloud Surfing for Realtors Part 4 of 5

Posted on: December 15th, 2011 by
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The Mortgage Hunter - Birmingham Mortgages

The Mortgage Hunter - Birmingham Mortgages

So far I have introduced you to ways to control your Gmail account, while not on the Internet with Gmail Offline, to pump up your Gmail account with Boomerang, and to put your tech life on autopilot with IFTTT.  Well, today I want to introduce you to a nifty little tool that is still in beta that will benefit you in many ways.

Chrome Remote Desktop tool by Google will  allow you access to and control of any computer remotely from your Chrome web browser.  You will need the free Chrome extension to start using the service, and it operates on practically every operating system.

Chrome Remote Desktop does require someone to manually start the session on both sides.  Right now this service is geared towards troubleshooting someone else’s computer, but Google plans on expanding the service to allow for unmanned remote access which will make this tool much more useful. So, right now you can use the tool to troubleshoot your favorite aunt’s computer when she calls you with problems or you can use it to give a presentation to a potential listing agent or buyer.

I recommend beginning to get familiar with the service today so that when Google allows unmanned remote access in the future that you are ready to use it.  Having free unmanned remote access to your PC from anywhere in the world sure does offer a great deal of freedom and that is never a bad thing.

Tomorrow we’ll look at an awesome cloud tool that you’ll use like crazy, but in the meantime, go check out Chrome Remote Desktop and let us know what you think about it below.


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