Cloud Surfing for Realtors Part 5 of 5

Posted on: December 16th, 2011 by
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Birmingham Mortgages by The Mortgage Hunter

Birmingham Mortgages by The Mortgage Hunter

So far this week we’ve covered Gmail Offline, Boomerang, IFTTT, and Chrome Remote Desktop to expose the awesome powers of “the cloud.”  For info on all of those tools, read the blog posts from earlier this week.

Today, I want to introduce you to Cloud Save. Cloud Save is an incredibly useful free service that will save you time while surfing the net. Until Cloud Save came along, if you found something on the internet that you wanted to shave for later (like an article for your newsletter showing home sales have increased or photos from your listing on MLS that need to be emailed to the real estate book for your ad), you would have to save taht file to your hard drive and then move it to your cloud storage service.  Now, with Cloud Save, that extra step has been eliminated.

Cloud Save integrates multiple services (such as Dropbox,, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Docs, Sugar Sync, Windows Live SkyDrive, Picasa, Flickr, and Facebook) into your browser for easy access.

It is very simple to use. After installing the free extension of Google’s Chrome browser, simply right click on any image or link anywhere on the web and find the “Cloud Save” option in the popup menu. From there select the service where you want to store the image or link, and your file is moved seamlessly to that service for your review or use later.

This is a super cool tool that you will find yourself using all the time instead of bookmarking sites that you need to access info from only once and you will likely never go back to.

Check out Cloud Save today and add it to your new arsenal of cloud tools.  If you have some cloud tools that you would like to share with us please do so below.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s series as much as I have.  I’m using the heck out of these tools and it is making my life much easier.  Give them all a try and see if you have the same luck I am.

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