Did Steve Jobs Smile or Yawn Today?

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If you have turned on your computer (and I am pretty sure you have if you are reading this) or television today then you no doubt have heard that the iPad3 was released today.  Apple’s newest release of the tablet that started it all has some great new features and advances that may keep the other tablets scrambling for market share.  Some of the biggest new features are as follows:

1. Improved Display – iPad’s new display has four times more pixels than the iPad2.  This increase in pixels gives the iPad user an HD experience on a tablet device.  Granted this won’t help you sell more houses, but it sure makes for a much nicer user experience.

2. Advanced Optics – The new iPad’s advanced optics and the 5 megapixel camera allow you to take beautiful pictures or shoot 1080p HD videos.  Now that should certainly get you excited as you’ll be able to take better pictures of your listings as well as shoot your YouTube videors in glorious HD.  Now that is pretty cool!

3. 4G – Ok, we all want more, and we all want more faster.  The new iPad3 gives us that with 4G LTE networks.  Now uploading that new HD video you just shot while you are on the road to your 4 pm closing just got a lot faster and downloading the home inspection just emailed to you got faster as well.

4. Hotspot – What really excites me about the new iPad is the hotspot feature.  You can connect up to 5 devices to your iPad3 as long as your carrier can support it.

5. Be a Dictator – With the dictation feature, you talk, it types.  That sure will help to make typing those emails much quicker.

I’ve got to be honest with you here.  I’m an Apple virgin!  Yep, I own NO Apple products!  But, after seeing the new iPad in action today and reading some articles about it, I believe I’m going to lose my Apple virginity very soon.

What are your thoughts?  Should I?  I value your opinions, so please leave them below.

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