Facebook Advertising Plan for 2012

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Birmingham MortgagesI’m often asked how to maximize an agent’s advertising dollars on Facebook.  My answer is not a short and simple one.  It goes something like this.

1.  Use Standard Marketplace Ads to Grow Your Fan Base – The goal is to drive as many fans as possible at the lowest cost per fan possible while staying within your target market.  The key is to keep the ad short and effective, and the ad should ask the user to like the page.  Word your ad something like this, “If you like real estate investing, then like X”:

2.  Use a Page Like Sponsored Story to Grow Your Fan Base – Many people don’t know what a “Page Like” sponsored story is, but this is one tool worth learning.  A Page Like sponsored story is that little ad you see on Facebook that shows your message and your friends who have “liked” the page.  These ads are shown only to friends of your fans.  The reason these ads are effective is the viewer thinks if one of my friends has “liked” the page, then I should also be interested.  You should use the Standard Marketplace Ad above to grow your fan base before using this type of ad.  It is a very effective advertising strategy after you’ve grown fans.

3.  Post Often to Engage Your Fan Base – This is a very important part of your advertising strategy because it ensures your fans are engaged in order to get the maximum Return on Investment from steps 1 and 2.  It also opens up the door for numbers 4 and 5 below.  Posting questions is a very effective strategy to engage your fans as it drives responses from your fans.  Post once per day, at least, and keep your posts short.  If you aren’t posting and engaging your fans, then you are wasting your advertising dollars.

4.  Page Post Sponsored Stories to Engage Your Fan Base – These ads take the posts you make and turn them into ads which are shown to your existing fans.  It is likely that the important post you made to your fan page was missed by many of your fans.  They may log in several hours after your post and may miss it entirely.  The Page Post sponsored story turns that post into an ad and displays it on on the right hand side of a Facebook Page.  This ad will stay up for as long as you desire which increases the chances of your fans seeing the ad and responding.

5.  Use Page Post Like Sponsored Stories to Engage Your Fans – This ad is a hybrid of the Page Like sponsored story and the Page Post sponsored story.  Use this ad when someone likes one of your posts to show the ad to the friends of your fans.  This ad provides social proof for your page, and it is an effective way to grow your fan base because the content is something much more likely to join in on the conversation if your post is powerful enough.

6.  Standard Marketplace Ads to Leverage Your Fan Base – By running the standard ad, a Realtor can direct the fans of their page to other places – like their website when a new listing is posted to their site.  This final piece of the advertising puzzle is often overlooked, but very crucial as it allows you to see a direct return on investment on your entire Facebook advertising campaign.

Use this advertising plan as a blueprint of sorts for your complete Facebook ad program.  Be careful not to skip around from one step to another. Complete these steps in order and let us know how well your Facebook ads are paying off for you.

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