Facebook Fights Back

Posted on: September 14th, 2011 by
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The blogosphere is reeling with the new release of some sketchy looking facebook features. Facebook announced yesterday that it is now releasing a list template that would allow users to put friends more easily into circles. Obviously, everyone jumped on the blogs talking about them stealing the idea of Cirlcles from the new social networking rival, Google +, but the folks at Facebook say that their lists have been around since the beginning of Facebook’s creation. They are right lists have been an option for a long time, but they aren’t popularly used because you have to manually place each friend into the category you want them in. With this new release, your friends will be smart sorted. This means that Facebook will examine the data of your communications and make a assumption as to which group that particular person would fall into.

Also, the nice people over at Facebook announced that they want to cut down the individual emails that you receive when someone comments on a post or likes a status. They will now be grouping them into a summary email. This feature of course can be changed back to the standard emailing setting, but I applaude them for wanting to cut down the spam in my inbox.

All in all, it looks like Facebook is rolling out some new features to keep people from abandoning them for Google + or maybe they are just independently trying to improve their product. Either way, enjoy the new bells and whistles!

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