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Posted on: August 31st, 2011 by
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Facebook is in the process of rolling out some new privacy features. Somehow, I managed to get a look at these early on in the release. I have to say that I like what I see.

The new features allow you to select your audience for status updates. The default setting is Public, meaning that everyone on Facebook can see it. However, they have settings for your Friends or Custom, where you can decide what group should see the post or even limit it further to certain people or block certain people for seeing it. This will be a nice feature for people who need to update certain circles of friends but not others. Also, it is much like the Google+ format of status postings. You can also change the setting of the post after it is posted.

Another feature is the tagged photos. I know that I have been tagged in photos that I would never want other people seeing and now I can hide them away! By going to Account-> Privacy Settings -> How Tagged Photos Work, you can set who can see your tagged photos and posts and you can even set it up where you have to approve them before they go live on Facebook.

Both of these new settings I love and think are well overdue, but there is another that I am not so fond of. Facebook now lets everyone know where you are at when you post things. I am sure there is a way to disable this feature, but I haven’t found it yet. So for now I am just keeping my posts restricted so that everyone doesn’t know where I am sitting while I am typing nonsense into Facebook.

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