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Posted on: February 11th, 2011 by
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Social media marketing is one of the easiest methods to reach your clients and potential clients, but are they seeing things that they shouldn’t. With Facebook striving to always be on top of the social media pyramid they are constantly making changes to profile lay-outs, settings, and applications. How do you keep up with those changes?

Well, I am always conscious of information and presentation I am putting forth on the internet for people to see. So when Facebook decides to include me name in Google searches and show pictures of me on friends of friends of friends profiles, I like to wade through the privacy settings and see what I can do to make myself more private.

Privacy settings are different for all people depending on how much or little you want people to be able to see about you. Being in a business where you strive to get your name out there is completely different, but maybe you don’t want just anybody to look pictures of you and your family at holidays or be able to tag you in photos.

As Facebook constantly revamps itself, make sure you are getting the results you desire. Check out this list I found of 10 Facebook Privacy Settings You Need To Know.

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