Facebook’s Latest Update Has the Business World Up in Arms

Posted on: March 1st, 2012 by
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Every time Facebook makes changes to its layout or policies, folks get a little riled up.  The fact is we, as a society, resist change.  That is why some of us still have the “BIG hair” hairstyle from the 1980’s that we wear with pride.  Well, this time Facebook is making changes to its fan pages by requiring all fan pages to go to the new timeline format.  This change has many business owners/Facebook administrators up in arms.

Today, I want to give you a quick breakdown of the major changes you can expect within Timeline:

1.       Cover Photos – Now you can add a big, beautiful Timeline cover photo to your fan page.  I’m not sure just yet how this can benefit those of us in real estate other than to perhaps feature a picture of a different listing there every day or week.  Nonetheless, this opportunity to add some color and dramatics to your fan page can make your fan page look more like a website, at first glance.

2.       Page Tabs – The page tabs are now more prominent and will display at the top of each page.  This better placement will likely result in more clicks.

3.       Page Tab Icons – Now you can easily change a page tab icon by hovering over the page tab photo and then going into edit settings to change the icon photo.

4.       Default Landing Tabs – Gone!!!  Businesses did this to push people to “like” their default landing page.  Those days are gone, but luckily “Fan Gate” pages are here for a while longer.  So now to use Fan Gating, you will need to point a Facebook ad or link to the specific tab from your web properties.

5.       Pin a Post – Now you can pin a favorite post of your page at the top of your page.  This is something that is pretty exciting.

6.       Wider Page Tabs – Another pretty cool feature of the new Timeline is that Page Tabs are now wider.  This will give businesses more room to use on their fan pages.

My personal opinion is this… The new Timeline has some great new features to offer, but we do lose some functionality with the extinction of default landing tabs.  The new Timeline pages will be more attractive visually; however, I find them hard to navigate.  In fact, if my company website was laid out the way a Timeline does, I would have fired my designer.  No, I’m not all against the changes, so at this point I have to say that I am firmly uncommitted regarding Timeline.

I would love to hear your thoughts – good, bad, or indifferent – about Timeline and/or my comments.  If you like it, then please tell me why I should like it too (I really do want to like it).  If you don’t like it, then please tell me what you don’t like about it.


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