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Google+ for RealtorsSome Realtors scoff a little when I mention the importance of having a Google+ brand page (Google’s version of a Facebook fan page).  It seems most people don’t think that Google+ can dethrone Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.  Not only that but most people seem to think that consumers are at the point of social media platform overload.  I’m not going to attempt to punch holes in any of those arguments above today, except to mention that Google has lots of money to throw at making Google+ a lasting endeavor.

I am going to mention one reason why all Realtors should have a Google+ brand page… Search!  I don’t believe we have yet to see the full benefit of what a brand page will do for your business’ SEO.  However, most of the large companies are building brand pages for their brands primarily because of its integration with Google searches.  Because Google has their hands in so many platforms (Google Chrome, YouTube, and their Android Operating System), I believe there are MANY more reasons to build a brand page coming down the pipe in the very near future.

So, this begs me to ask the question, “Why not be an early implementer?”  Because setting up a Google+ brand page takes little effort or time and no money, why not setup a Google+ brand page tonight?  When you do, be sure to integrate it into your Google Places page and your SEO as well.  This way you can begin to see all of the benefits for your SEO to come from your Google+ brand page.

So stay in tonight with a cup of hot cocoa and your laptop and build your Google+ brand page.  After you do, please come back to this blog post and let us know how long it took you and your page name so we can be your first follower.

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