How Do You Feel About Social Media?

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I have spent a lot of time with a number of Realtors this week, and I have learned a lot of how you feel about social media.  Below are the most common excuses to not use social media that I hear from real estate agents.

Realtors feel social media marketing is not something that’s going to work for their business, and that it is just a waste of time. Sure it works for Gary Vaynerchuk, and thousands of other business owners, but they just can’t see it working for them.  This, to me, is a huge misconception.  It is very easy to waste time with social media, but it is also very easy to waste time with anything.

Another issue seems to be that Realtors want to get everything figured out, and then they’ll dive in. It’s unlikely that will happen, because the social media platforms and rules are always changing. The way to get results is to just get started.  As I have said many times before, social media success is not something that will happen overnight.  Just like with the clientele that you have already built up over the years, building a social media network means building trust. It has to be built one tweet at a time, one Facebook post at a time and one comment at a time.

At the same time, when Realtors do jump into social media, they often expect big results immediately, but are sadly disappointed when those results don’t come.

To be successful at social media, you have to decide what success means for you. A social media program without a goal is like professional baseball team without a pitcher.  By failing to set specific, measurable, actionable, realistic goals, Realtors are denying themselves the ability to track their performance and effectively market to their prospects.

This brings me to content. Most people have problems coming up with content.  Content is not always easy to come up with, however, reflect on the conversations of the day and figure out if there is something that a client has talked to you about that you could help others with as well, and use that as a blog topic.  What you are trying to do with your blogging is create a social environment for your business.  You, after all, are the expert and your clients feel comfortable turning to you for answers.  If you are too busy to write your blog, give it to someone else to write.  Clerical tasks can be delegated to someone else, but social engagement cannot be diverted to someone else. You’re either accessible to your community or you’re not. If you’re not, you’re missing out on huge opportunities.  Social media tools allow you to leverage your time considerably, so you CAN be helpful and accessible to your audience – check out our 5 Minute Social Media Marketing Program here.

So define your goals.  By defining your goals at the outset, setting baselines and tracking your results, you’ll be able to see whether you’re on the right track — or where you need to make changes.

Can you afford to ignore the fact that almost all your customers are already online looking for you?
We are almost half way through the year now, where are you on your social media goals? Are you having any success?  What have you done to create success for yourself?  Leave a comment below to let us know what kind of success you are having using social media so far this year.

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