How High Is Your Real Estate Website’s Bounce Rate?

Posted on: February 17th, 2012 by

The bounce rate for your website is the percentage of visitors who leave your website after looking at just one page or only stay on the site for a few seconds.  Basically, it is the number of people who decide immediately that your website is not the site they thought it would be.

There are many ways to improve your bounce rate both on page and off page.  We are going to talk about both in this 2 part blog.  Today we are going to tackle your off page bounce factors.

1.  Examine Where Your Traffic is Coming From – Go to Google Analytics and look to see what keywords are generating visitors to your site.  If you find some that are unrelated to real estate, then get rid of them.  For example, one of my top keywords for my blog is Moby Dick because I wrote a blog post that mentioned Moby Dick and Google picked up that word and was referring visitors to my site who were looking for information on Moby Dick.  Well, since my website is not about Moby, then people were bouncing off to the next site to find the information.  Sure, I loved the traffic, but I’d rather have quality traffic than I would uninterested traffic.

2.  Try to Add Your SEO Backlinks to Real Estate Related Websites – I know this is not always going to happen, because you should backlink your site every time you add a comment on someone’s blog and you are not always going to read real estate blogs.  By backlinking on related sites, you are ensuring that others who come to your site from the back link are looking for information related to that backlinked site.

Make these simple corrections to your backlinking strategy and your keywords today.  It will only take you a few minutes.  Tomorrow, we will talk about “on page” corrections to lower your bounce rate.  See you then!

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