How to Talk to Online Leads?

Posted on: May 27th, 2011 by
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A well-thought-out strategy for responding to e-mails is central to your success with today’s Web-savvy buyers and sellers.

If you’re like many of today’s real estate practitioners, the majority your new leads come from the Web. An online consumer will shoot you an e-mail or fill out a form on your Web site. Given today’s challenging market conditions, you want to treat these inquiries like gold. You must respond professionally, honoring prospects’ desire for privacy while also providing valuable information that will eventually turn them into clients. Here are six general rules that will help you accomplish that goal.

Respond In Kind – if they email you, respond via email (use the same media they did)

Don’t Call Them – most people do not feel comfortable talking to a salesperson on the phone if they don’t already have a working relationship with them

Always Include Your Contact Information – when they are ready to move up the channels of communication, they will have all of your contact information at hand

Faster Is Better – online consumers are impatient, so the quicker you respond the better chance you will have at getting their business

Keep In Contact – most online shoppers are months away from actually purchasing a home, but if you provide them with knowledge about the market and keep in touch with them over time you will have a better chance at keeping the lead than if you simply told them to contact you again when they are ready to buy

Remember There Is A Person On The Other End – keep in mind that the person on the over end is communicating with you for a reason, so use the communication as a lever to get them closer to a transaction.

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