How to Write Real Estate Blog Headlines that POP!

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Last week I wrote a blog about writing effective real estate blogs (click to read).  In that article, I mentioned that one way to get more opens and reads is to write a strong title.  In today’s information overload world we live in, I believe a strong title is THE way to dramatically increase your reads immediately.  In that post I mentioned that my personal experience shows that the headlines that cut through the bull and tells the reader what is inside.  That is what you will see in 80% of my writing from now on, BUT that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t experiment with your own headlines.  So today, I’m going to give you some ideas on how to write real estate blog headlines that pop.  Here we go…

1. Cut the Bull – Yes, I’ve already mentioned the style that gets more opens for me, so I wanted to go ahead and get this one out of the way.

2. Use Numbers – If you notice I use numbers in a great deal of my blog titles.  I do this because it lets people know what to expect and numbers get reads.

3. Use Famous Names – Last week, I wrote a blog post about Twitter that mentioned Charlie Sheen. I could have easily titled that blog “Twitter Lessons Taught by Charlie Sheen” and probably gotten just as many blog opens.

4. Shock and Awe – No, not too extreme, but having a surprising headline can increase opens but you have to make sure your content fits the headlines or you’ll lose readers.

5. Ask Questions – Ask a question that many people can relate to and give the answer in your post.  How about, “How Can I Save $200 Per Year on my Homeowner’s Insurance?”

6. Scare Me – If you can cause concern with readers in your headlines then they will click to read the post for more information to calm those fears.  Example – “The One Mistake Home Sellers Make that Costs Thousands”

7. Mix It Up – Don’t overuse one style.  Mix and match.  Use 2 or 3 of these tips within the same headline.

Keep these ideas in mind when writing your next blog title, but be sure you pay attention to which style headlines get better open rates.  That information helps you to improve your writing skills.  Since I’m always looking for some great headlines for my blog posts, please share your headline writing tip with me below.


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