I’m OK!

Posted on: June 24th, 2011 by
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I’m OK! is a web site and mobile app that allows you to tell your friends and loved ones that you’re OK in the event of an emergency.

In an urban disaster (like the recent tornadoes), cell phone networks are often overwhelmed as everyone calls their family and friends to check on them. But it doesn’t have to be that way — text messages take only a fraction of the bandwidth required for voice calls and often get through when voice calls can’t. The I’m OK! app for your mobile phone helps you send a single “I’m OK” text message to our server, which then relays the message to your friends and family.

This app also would work great for teenagers. It would be easy for them to send a message to parents when they are away from home. The app allows for other messages besides simply “I’m Ok” you can also send messages saying you “#needhelp”. This could have plenty of practical uses!

Check out their website for more information: http://imokapp.appspot.com/

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