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Posted on: March 6th, 2012 by
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Most Realtors I know don’t do a very good job keeping records of which marketing/advertising campaign is producing and which is not. Now I will say that measuring success in social media marketing is difficult for all businesses.  But it can be much more difficult for Realtors than other businesses because Realtors typically don’t have a golden egg to offer (such as mention this ad and get 10% off your next purchase) that typical retail or service businesses can offer.  Add to that the fact that the fruits of our online marketing labors may not be realized until many, many months after the seed was planted, and you completely begin to understand why many Realtors throw their hands up after a couple of months of social media marketing and call it quits due to it being unproductive.

Well, Facebook is trying to eliminate that frustration for all of us with their not quite so new “Insights” tab on your Facebook fan page.  This tab is only visible to page administrators, and it lists the page’s total number of likes, total number of people reached via those fans, and a graph to show whether those numbers are increasing or decreasing.  There is also a new metric that Facebook has introduced called “People Talking About This.”  This new metric measures the actual number of people talking about the page, liking the page, posting to the page’s wall, liking/sharing/commenting on a post, RSVP’ing to an event, or checking in at your place.

The main advantage of this information on a post level is that it gives us administrators an idea of what types of posts our fans want to see more of.  Giving our fans more of what they want to see will in turn increase the virality of our message.  This is huge for us marketers because we all know that word of mouth marketing is extremely important to the success of our businesses.

So, Facebook has given us yet again one more reason to be doing business on a fan page instead of on our personal profiles.  The insight that Insights is providing us is very unique in the social media marketing world because no other platform provides us with statistics like this that allows us to monitor our marketing efforts.  Start taking advantage of the information available on Insights today and start giving your fans more of what they want tomorrow.  Getting your message spread virally will help to make your phone ring.  It is up to you and your charm to make the magic happen from there.


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