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The average business website gets enough traffic to support sales goals, but does a terrible job capitalizing on that traffic.

Think about these 2 questions:

1.  How are you measuring your traffic now?

If you don’t measure your traffic, how do you know you’re not getting enough? Most website server logs will give you basic info on traffic volumes, traffic sources, etc. More advanced programs like WebTrends and NetTracker will tell you everything you want to know about your website visitors.

2. How are you capturing leads or prompting a response?

What’s the point increasing traffic if you’re just going to hope that people contact? Hoping will not deliver results. Real estate Internet marketing is a process of attrition. You start with a large number — qualified prospects who use the Web. Then the number gets smaller, because only a percentage of the first number will find your website. The number shrinks yet again as people visit your website (statistics show the majority of website visitors leave without taking action).

Getting people to your website is only one-half of the real estate Internet marketing equation. Once they get there, you need to offer some form of reciprocation to get them to “raise their hands.” This is the essence of real estate lead generation. Maybe you’ll offer access to exclusive listings or virtual tours in exchange for signing in or maybe they’ll get a detailed 12-page report on local schools in exchange for joining your newsletter.

Whatever form it takes, you need some way to capture leads and encourage action. Without that, your website is merely a reference source — helpful for readers, but not very profitable for you.

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