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Facebook announced a new, two-factor authentication system this week that the social-networking site will require users to enter a code they receive via text message. The system (called Login Approvals) will prevent users from signing in unless they can provide the code to authenticate their device.

“As more individuals and businesses turn to Facebook to share and connect with others, people are looking to take more control over protecting their account from unauthorized access,” Facebook said in a recent blog post.

You can opt-in to Login Approvals and type the code in every time you login to Facebook or you can set the controls to remember your device as a trusted device. If Facebook sees that someone has signed into your account from an unrecognized or un-trusted device, it will send you an alert to allow you to change your password. So even if someone obtained your login ID and password, they couldn’t “access your account and cause any harm,” Facebook said.

What happens though if you don’t have a phone, well you can still login to your account, but it must be from a trusted device. So the time is coming where you won’t be able to access Facebook from public computers unless you have your cell phone handy!

Facebook acknowledged with this security enhancement’s release that it’s sometimes difficult to balance security and usability. Well, that shows true here! I know that hacking on Facebook is becoming more prevalent and taking extra security measures to keep people’s information is a great response to this current uprising in hacked accounts, but I think that it will take a toll on users’ flexibility in logging in from multiple locations.

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