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We all want to have the “Go To” website for our area.  We envision thousands of buyers and sellers spending countless hours on our website reading reports viewing virtual tours, and finally calling us to beg us to take time out of our busy schedules to show and sell them their dream home they located using our web tools.
Well, it is not impossible; however, most of us get wrapped up in our everyday real estate marketing efforts to really figure out how we can accomplish the above.  The first step in making our dream a reality is determining what consumers want in a website.  So here are a few features that buyers and sellers want to find on their ideal real estate website.
1. Photos – I know. I just blew your mind with the first feature of an awesome real estate website, didn’t I?  Well, bear with me here because consumers don’t want just any photos.  They want lots of really good, high quality photos,  Before you upload a photo for your listing ask yourself, “If I owned this house would i want a potential home buyer to see this?”  Look at every detail of the photo foreground and background before you answer the question.
2. An Updated Listing of Homes for Sale – Nothing will make a potential home buyer leave a website faster than old, stale lists of homes for sale.  you can prevent this by using an IDX type service that automatically and seamlessly will add, update, and delete listings as information is changed in your local MLS.
3. Information – Buyers and sellers want information that they can use when they come to your site.  Provide them plenty of reports so they can educate themselves about the buying or selling process at their own speed.  If you are their trusted source for information, they will come to you when they are ready.  Tip Within A Tip: Blog!  Provide helpful information in your blog to assist their learning.  Tell about yourself and your local area.  Blog about awesome restaurants and local businesses.  Tip Within A Tip Within A Tip: Send the local business a link to your blog in an email and ask them to send the link out to their database.  Talk about getting that blog post some attention.  (Man, this is good stuff, and I’m getting fired up just talking about it).
Ok, now I’ve gotten myself motivated to get out there and do some selling myself, so concentrate on making sure you provide the three items above in enough quantity and quality to keep your web surfing buyers and sellers coming back to your site for more.

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