Mortgage Mistakes

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Mortgage Mistakes - The Top Reasons Your Lender Can Say “NO!” and How to Avoid Them can help you identify and avoid the primary sources for mortgage headaches and declines. This book is constantly updated with the most recent guidelines put into plain, easy to understand terms and strategies on how to avoid the most common loan underwriting issues. If you are buying or refinancing a house soon, this book will guide you through the mortgage underwriting process if you or your spouse:

are getting a gift for your down payment or closing costs.

are changing jobs or have changed jobs within the past 2 years.

have a job that pays you commission, bonus, or overtime income.

have any credit card debt.

are divorced or getting divorced.

are retired or are retiring.

have recently gotten promoted.

are self employed.

have a part time job.

receive Social Security Retirement or Disability income.

have an expense account with your job.

are currently saving money for a down payment and/or closing costs.

You can save yourself a great deal of embarrassment, shame, heartache, and expense by giving yourself some knowledge of the mortgage underwriting guidelines. Mortgage Mistakes – The Top Reasons Your Lender Can Say “NO!” and How to Avoid Them will help you realize your dream of homeownership or help you to save yourself money by refinancing to a lower interest rate. This book will also save you a great deal of frustration during the mortgage process by giving you a broader understanding of standards all lenders require.

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