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I started Gagliano Mortgage, Inc. in March 1995 to assist consumers with their goal of buying a home or refinancing their home to better their family’s financial health.  My desire has always been to specialize in excellent personalized customer service, and I felt one of the best ways to do this was to remain a small company which concentrated on hiring quality experienced employees instead of hiring bodies to take orders.  After working out of my apartment for the first several months of existence, I moved the company into its first office in Homewood, Alabama.  In June of 1997, Gagliano Mortgage, Inc. hired its first part time employee to help assist with phone answering, copying, etc.  Shortly thereafter, Gagliano Mortgage, Inc. hired its first full time employee, a processor, who was promoted to loan originator in 2001.  At that time, Gagliano Mortgage, Inc. hired another full time processor to fill its newly vacated processor position.  During its busiest time, Gagliano Mortgage, Inc. employed 4 full time employees.  At a time when other mortgage companies were hiring people who simply knew how to take an application and pass the file off to a processor, Gagliano Mortgage, Inc. concentrated on producing quality loans for its investors and borrowers with just a handful of employees.  This has resulted in a huge amount of repeat business, satisfied customers, excellent working relationships with business partners, and thousands of successful transactions.  Contact us for more information on how Gagliano Mortgage, Inc. can help you to achieve your financial goals. Gagliano Mortgage, Inc., serving your best interest!




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