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We are in a crazy business!  I’ve tried countless times to organize my daily tasks by doing what the experts say.  I’ve tried writing my tomorrow’s “To Do” list today and not adding to it.  BUZZ!  Didn’t work!  I’ve tried time blocking but with only marginal success.  Yes, I’ll drop cold calls, when a client calls and is finally ready to move forward on something. So, my time blocking gets blocked… don’t you judge me!  The real estate business is just too unpredictable to make these scheduling tricks from the gurus work properly.  We have to deal with last minute snafus like the buyer (it’s always the other agent’s buyer, isn’t it?) with cold feet who won’t show up for closing, the last minute closing package for the 5 pm closing, the termite report that causes the surprise need for a structural inspection, etc, etc, etc, etc.  Time blocking and To Do’s written in stone be damned!

The only tried and true method I’ve found of getting tasks done is the good ol’ handwritten “To Do” list.  Honestly, my list looks like a 2 year old got a hold of it with an assorted box of 20 different pens.  There are tasks written in black and underlined in red, tasks boxed in blue, and tasks astericked in black, and even a drawing of what appears to be Mickey Mouse.  I really don’t know what any of this color coding means, and I wrote it all.  There is no consistency, no meaning, no system, and no method to the madness.  Sound familiar?  (I sure hope I’m not the only one.)

Well, I recently discovered my new 2nd favorite tool (see this blog for my new #1 favorite tool).  This new tool is called Wunderlist, and it is wunderful!  Wunderlist is an online, rolling “To Do” list where you can reorder tasks, add new entries, mark tasks as completed, create new lists of tasks (right now, I have a Work list, Honey Do list, and a Lake list).  Wunderlist allows you to give your tasks deadlines, and any tasks you don’t complete today will automatically roll over to tomorrow.  The program is a cinch to use and very easy to learn.  Wunderlist even has apps for mobile devices as well  Check it out, and let me know what you think about it below in the comments section.  You’ll have it mastered and fall in love with the application in no time.  I need to wrap up this blog now so I can add “fishing” to my tasks for my “Lake” list before I forget.

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