New Bill Could Stop Targeted Advertisement Online

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A new bill was recently introduced in the House of Representatives that would allow consumers to opt out of online tracking. If the bill passed, the Do Not Track Me Online Act would provide an option for consumers to opt out of online tracking that advertisers use to target ads. This option would be similar to the National Do Not Call Registry. Companies that didn’t respect an Internet user’s choice to opt out would be subject to legal consequences.

Recent polls have found that more than 50% of internet users are concerned about their privacy online. The Do Not Track Act will give consumers the right to choose if their private information is collected and profiled by companies that track online activities in order to target advertisements.

If you would like to check out the full text of the bill that is currently under review in the House, click the link below.

Facebook Privacy Settings

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Social media marketing is one of the easiest methods to reach your clients and potential clients, but are they seeing things that they shouldn’t. With Facebook striving to always be on top of the social media pyramid they are constantly making changes to profile lay-outs, settings, and applications. How do you keep up with those changes?

Well, I am always conscious of information and presentation I am putting forth on the internet for people to see. So when Facebook decides to include me name in Google searches and show pictures of me on friends of friends of friends profiles, I like to wade through the privacy settings and see what I can do to make myself more private.

Privacy settings are different for all people depending on how much or little you want people to be able to see about you. Being in a business where you strive to get your name out there is completely different, but maybe you don’t want just anybody to look pictures of you and your family at holidays or be able to tag you in photos.

As Facebook constantly revamps itself, make sure you are getting the results you desire. Check out this list I found of 10 Facebook Privacy Settings You Need To Know.

Emails: A Thing of the Past?

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Email marketing has been an efficient and effective tool for over 10 years, but now people receive so many emails they hardly pay attention to their content. With the new advancements in Flash media, you can step up your marketing once again.

A company named Webcast City has the answer to how you can stay ahead of the competition.  You can sign up at their website for a free account which allows you to create, send, track personal web casts, and post them to your social marketing accounts!

Like with all good things, there is a catch. There is a fee for using the service. Say you send your eye-catching new web casts out to 30 potential or current clients…It is 97 cents. Say you send to 50? 97 cents….100? 500? 1000? …still 97 cents.

Since its introduction web cast messaging has doubled response rates. It has been called the most amazing marketing program ever! Not only do you get responses, but you can go to your online account and see how many of the people viewed the message! So you know that even if they haven’t responded yet, they still got the information and could respond at any time.

I think that the 97 cents is worth the increase in responses, the step ahead of the competition, and the integration to facebook and twitter. Take some time to experiment with this marketing tool; you never know what it could do for you and your business.

A New Year’s Plan

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The lull in real estate activity that comes every winter makes this the ideal time of year to assess your career and determine what changes you might make to introduce new efficiency measures and improve your service to buyers and sellers. Whatever your budget, there’s a range of solutions to help you become more organized so you can focus on your real priorities of cultivating relationships and moving property.

As you explore your options for managing your files and information resources, you’ll find a decided shift to the Web and working in the ‘cloud.’ There’s efficiency to be gained from adopting electronic forms and contracts and digital signatures: less paper to handle and secure storage of documents where they’re readily accessible to all.

The same convenience is now delivered in an expanding catalog of Web-based solutions. If you’ve ever fumbled with a flash drive, swapped files between mobile or desktop PCs, or wished you could retrieve a document on your computer from your smartphone, consider storing or backing up your files online. Several affordable services now allow you to do just that. Others provide the means to compile property or client information pulled from varied data resources into one location that’s always available through any Web browser.

These are just a few some small steps you can take to run a more organized and efficient business. Sometimes you need to step outside your comfort zone to figure out where you are in your career and how to achieve your goals as a real estate professional.

Let Your Clients Advertise For YOU!

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Give your sellers a stack of business cards with a picture of their house and some basic information on the front and your contact information on the back. Instruct them to give those cards out to everyone they come in contact with. Just about everyone knows someone who is looking for a house and a business card is so convenient for passing around. The best part is the cost. You can print these out on a color printer and the cost is small.

Another excellent way to advertise is with the offer to send change of addresses to the friends of your sellers and your buyers after they close. You can use an over-sized postcard with the family’s picture on the front with a big “we’ve moved” head line. On the back is a message from the family to the people they are notifying of the address change. This side has your picture and logo on it and a message that tells their friends that if they ever consider a move you would be someone they would recommend handling the job. This is a very inexpensive way to get your name out. Of course all the people on your sellers or buyer’s list are put on your database for continued follow-up.

Once a Knowitall, Not Always a Knowitall

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We’ve all had to deal with them. They are everywhere. They are your neighbors, your co workers, your fellow church parishioners, your mechanic, and your brother-in-law. They are the Knowitalls – easily interpreted to read “know it alls.”

The worst version of the Knowitalls we all have to deal with are the ones who invade our business lives. They drive us crazy because they hire us to help them do a job, and then they tell us that we are doing the job incorrectly or inadequately. They tell us the house is priced too high if they are buyers or too low if they are sellers. They tell us we need to write our ads this way or that way. They tell us our fliers should say this and not say that.

Some of us go along with the Knowitalls because we don’t want to hurt their feelings or hurt our business relationship. Some of us simply ignore the Knowitalls and just keep moving in the direction that we know works. Today, I want to share with you the best way to handle the Knowitalls.

The first thing to keep in mind when dealing with the Knowitalls is that their ego is front and center in everything they do. They will take personal anything you say or do that is contrary to their beliefs. So, the best way to handle them is to ask them questions – lots and lots of questions – about things they say. As you progress in your question asking get more specific with your questions. Eventually, they will begin to make generalizations to your questions, and soon they will see that their knowledge of the subject they claim to know more about than you is very shallow. They will see that they don’t know as much about the subject as they thought they did.

One very, very important note when dealing with the Knowitalls – Do not step on their egos! You do not want to embarrass them, so tread lightly.

If you want some examples of the best ways to question knowitalls, leave a comment below with your email address, and I’ll email some ideas to you. Happy Selling!

Postcard Marketing

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I know that marketing with postcards is nothing new to the real estate market, but I strive to give tips to enhance your techniques without taking up your time. I found this video and loved the idea behind it. It’s extremely short, but demonstrates what I believe may be the easiest, cheapest and most effective way to include postcard marketing in your ongoing endeavors to attract motivated sellers.

Using real handwriting on your direct mail pieces has been PROVEN time and time again to be a powerful attention getter, with amazingly higher response rates in split tests against similar marketing pieces without handwriting. Using this inexpensive and creative idea, you can show your clients that you are willing to go the extra-step for them by taking the time to hand write your mailings.

Watch this….

Lead Capturing: Not the Same Old Song and Dance

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Thousands of business owners out there toss up a Website because they think if you have a website you it’ll make money on the Web automatically. Anyone who’s spent any time marketing on the web know that’s far from the truth. A website does absolutely no good unless you’re capturing sales or leads from the traffic.

Eventually, Web Forms were born. Then we saw newsletter opt-ins everywhere. (I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want in my inbox is another newsletter.) Later, people wisened up and realized that you have to actually provide value if you want people to fill out your forms.

So, free reports and ebooks were born. Now, don’t get me wrong, ebooks and free reports can be great. But, everyone is using them. Free eBooks and reports are not unique. They’re losing value because everyone is doing it. They’re not the cool thing anymore.

But, what I’m arguing here is that there are countless ways to creatively capture leads without offering the standard free report.

I’ll list a few lead capturing techniques that come to mind. But, I’d love for our blog readers to comment and add to the list. Let’s kill the boring free reports by creating a HUGE list of creative ways to capture leads.

14 Ways to Capture Leads on Websites

  • Surveys
  • Free Trials
  • Podcast
  • Audio download
  • Subscribe to RSS Feed
  • Access Cool Videos
  • Recipes
  • eCards
  • Contests or Drawings
  • Coupons
  • Special Offers
  • Access Top Secret Info
  • Webinar
  • Teleseminar
  • Live Event Registration
  • Access to a ‘secret portfolio’

Stop Waiting on Hold

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I’ll bet you love being kept on hold when you call for support about your slow internet or about an order you placed online two weeks ago. You press 17 numbers and then hang up on you after a 22 minute hold! There is a solution.

Some innovative folks have a great system to beat the crazy machines. When you are put on hold, you can hang up and, when a customer service representative gets around to picking up, you’ll get a call and be hooked right up. And these folks make it easy – they even have a built on phone book that makes most calls a one click breeze.

What makes this even sweeter (when they finally hook up) is that the company that would have you stay on hold is politely asked to hold for a second until you pick up!

So the next time you are busy showing houses and rushing from one meeting to the next and don’t have time to wait on the line click over to and let them work for you.

A Marketing Gem

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I have a great marketing tool/closing gift idea for you to steal from me and implement yourself starting today.

As a Realtor, you spend an average of 64,993 hours showing buyers homes before they buy one. Ok, I completely made that number up. I’m just checking to make sure you are paying attention, but doesn’t it seem like it takes that long sometimes? My point is, that after you spend as much time as you do in your car with your buyers that you know a great deal about them. You typically know how many children or grandchildren they have, where they work, where they go to church, how old they are, what kind of pets they have, what their hobbies are, etc, etc. I would venture to say that you know more about your buyers than their bosses or even some of their friends know about them. This is one reason why my marketing tip for today is such a good idea.

Since you know so much about them, why don’t you use that information to your advantage by using it to market to them? Here’s what I’m talking about. Buy them a magazine subscription from a magazine about a subject they are interested in or a hobby they have, and have it shipped to their new home with both of your names as the subscriber. For a measly $10, every time that magazine shows up in your clients’ mailbox for the next 12 months they will think of you, which is the second reason I like this tip so much.

The third reason I like this idea is because when your clients read the magazine that you’ve subscribed them to they will be reminded of how much of an interest you took in them while they were shopping for a home. They’ll remember that you not only listened to their needs in a home, but you listened and remembered the “small” points of your many conversations that you had while driving around town looking at houses.

So, try this idea before your next closing. Go to, search for magazine titles that will be of interest to your clients, and buy one. Don’t forget to put both of your names as the subscribers so they will know when the first issue shows up that it was a gift from you.

Let me know how you like today’s idea. I always appreciate your feedback. Happy Selling!

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