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During the spring and summer months the increase in warm weather will make people more social. Families will be vacationing, having reunions, and visiting parks. Neighborhoods will be throwing picnics and barbecues. People are just more active at this time of year. So what can you do to snag some of that social attention?

I think one of the most effective ways is still the old standard: promotional giveaways. Free promotional giveaways can be powerful marketing tools because they can remind your clients of you and your services when you are not around. By using promotional items that clients will find useful on a daily basis, you can create an effective referral network. Offer customers free key chains, pens and sticky notepads all with your contact information on them. When your clients pull out their key chain to use their car keys, or use your promotional pen to write a quick message on a sticky note with your information on it, they will be reminded of you and your service and can recommend you to their friends who are in need of a real estate agent.

Maybe this year you could expand past the normal frig magnets, pens, and key chains to something more useful or eye-catching. The ideas are unlimited, but I took a minute or two to get you jump started with wonderful new ideas that will get your name out there circulating.

  • Frisbee
  • Tape Measure
  • Key Chain Level
  • Flower or Vegetable Seeds
  • Beach ball
  • oven mit or pot holder
  • gardening tool
  • screwdriver or small tool kit
  • Kitchen gadget (spatula or egg timer)

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